About Chinyee Engineering & Machinery Pte Ltd

Chinyee is a leading provider of precision-manufactured components and assemblies in Singapore since 1971. We provide one-stop quality manufacturing solutions from re-engineering, prototyping, mass-production to wide range of post-machining processes such as coatings, heat treatment, integration, de-contamination and more.
Quality Control & Reverse Engineering
Besides practicing and upholding the strictest quality management of AS9100 & ISO 9001:2008, we also adopt technologies that promote automation and human-error reduction in our post-production quality control. Chinyee utilizes Coordinates Measurement Machines (CMM) that are capable of ultra-precise and highly technical measurements. The CMMs also enables detailed structural analysis, allowing engineers to reconstruct and reverse engineer precise manufacturing drawings out of complex profiles and components.
Turnkey Solutions and Supply Chain Management
Complementary to our core manufacturing expertise, Chinyee provides value-added turnkey & supply chain management capabilities in partnership with WWG Group. With the advantage of strengthened global sourcing and logistics network through the group's extensive presence; Chinyee also has access to WillieWong Group's vastly wide range of MRO, surface & mechanical engineering capabilities.

Industry Recognition & Track Records
The AAIS Aerospace Supplier Excellence Award 2009 is a clear testimony of appreciation by our customers and our brand's commitment to quality. Recognitions by valued customers such as SAM, Goodrich and Raytheon have also encouraged us to strive for better. Chinyee continues to build on its long history and solid track record in the industry, improving its manufacturing and partnered capabilities; delivering the best quality, service and precision components to clients.
Our Certifications
AS9100 & ISO 9001:2000 Certified for Precision Machining of parts and components
IQNET The International Certification Network
P.R.I.D.E. Manual Messier-Dowty Process Requirements in Developing Excellence
RAIFSAS/QA/SC1 Raytheon Aircraft Integrated Foreign Supplier Assurance System
RPS 20.17 Goodrich Aerostructures “Control of Critical Parts”
QA111 Goodrich Aerostructures Group Supplier Quality Requirements

History & Achievements

1971 - Founded as a sole proprietorship company. Chinyee started with only 2 machines and served customers such as Rollei and Keppel Shipyard.

1979 - Chinyee was converted into a private limited company.

April 2003 - Chinyee underwent corporate restructuring and relocated to the existing larger factory in Gul Circle. In the same year, Chinyee acquired ISO 9001:2000 and broadened its' customer base to the Oil & Gas and the Semiconductor Industry.

May 2009 - Chinyee was awarded the Gold Standard in Aerospace Supplier Excellence Award by the AAIS & SAA.

Apr 2011 - Chinyee achieved major breakthrough in Sub-Sea Oil Field Equipment components manufacturing.